Warranty Policy from Thunder Volt Ltd
All bikes are warrantied for a period of 24 months from date of purchase against manufacturing defects.
The warranty does not cover claims for problems caused by normal wear and tear, improper use, neglect or water immersion.
Thunder Volt Ltd will repair or replace any defective product, as it deems most suitable.
The warranty is valid for the original purchaser only and is not transferable.
The warranty may or may not include labour costs. This will be determined by Thunder Volt Ltd on a case-by-case basis. In some
instances, you will be expected to replace a warranty part yourself.
If you have a broken part it is easy to change that part and get a replacement part from us.
If you purchased a bike online and had the bike delivered, freight for any warranty claims will be covered for upto 3 months
from date of purchase. Any freight (if required) for warranty claims outside of 3 months will be at the cost of the purchaser.With any warranty claim the defective part must be returned to be assessed on eligibility.
These are just bicycles and are easy to maintain and to work on. We really encourage you to learn basic bicycle maintenance or
get a relationship with a local bike shop.
Since our drive systems are modular every repair is easy with the right part in hand.
All that being said, these are high-quality bikes and as with all bicycles and ebikes, will require maintenance and servicing from
time to time but provide you with fun, exercise and enjoyment.
We do our best to enusre that every bike match’s sold match’s the exact specification as listed and pictured. However as we
are constantly developing, on occasion their maybe minor variations. E.g. the carrier or handgrips may be slightly different to
what is shown. We will always do our best to let you know if anything is not quite the same.
Exchange Policy
Please choose carefully and ask any questions you have before purchasing as we are unable to exchange product once you've
received your order unless we have made a genuine mistake in our description (and yes, we are human) or where your request
to exchange is covered by the Consumers Guarantees Act or Fair Trading Act.
If you think you have a case for a genuine exchange request then please contact us.