Sustainability starts at the very beginning. Right from the development stage of a product, we give high priority to its resource requirements and environmental impact. In this "Design for Environment" process, we examine how a new product can be designed to be as sustainable as possible, across the entire value chain. Starting with the selection of environmentally friendly raw materials and the use of recycled materials, through energy-saving manufacturing steps to the design of packaging that is as sustainable as possible.



The eBike is an answer to many questions and challenges of our time: Resource scarcity, climate change, urbanization. Especially on short distances eBikes are an efficient means of transportation. Anyone who rides an eBike is travelling in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. 

Even if more energy is needed in production than for bicycles due to the battery and drive: People ride eBikes more often and for significantly longer distances. In everyday life, the eBike can replace the car in many situations, for example with an eCargo bike when shopping, and the energy required is very low at around 7Wh of electricity consumption per kilometer travelled.


1. Improve your health and fitness

Even though eBikes are pedal-assisted, you still have to do some of the work, and it has been proven that these types of bikes are just as good for your health and improving your fitness as the usual bicycle. You can even get ones that are more adjustable for exercise. These types of bikes allow people to cycle for longer than the traditional design as well.

2. Assisted bike riding

The technicals behind eBikes are that they are battery-powered with pedal assistance. There is a machine within the bike to boost your pedalling, which reduces the impact on your legs and therefore less sweat in general. Certain eBikes have integrated technology to help with inclines, so no matter where you like to cycle there should not be anything to worry about.

3. Cut down on costs

Ultimately using an eBike to get from A to B will save you a lot of money on your travel costs. Petrol can be pretty pricey in comparison to batteries that are needed for your eBike. Although the initial cost of an eBike is expensive, in the long run, the investment means that travel is cheaper.

4. Flexible, fast, and easy-to-use

With the added boost that the pedal-assist gives you, it means that you can cover a further amount of miles without putting in a lot of effort. Using cycle lanes in your town or city will help to cut downtime taken to get to a place. The eBike market has been growing at a rapid rate. With local governments implementing these into their areas to encourage people to give up driving their cars, they are the latest bid to help the environment. These bikes allow you to accelerate with ease. The harder you pedal the bike, the larger the boost you will be given. Most come with a switch that allows you to control the power of the bike.

5. The future

The electric bike has become the lead on being a sustainable mode of transport, and it has a bright future as it helps to keep down pollution. This invention has the ability to improve over time continuously and could become one of the United Kingdom’s main form of transportation as people become more eco-conscious.

6. Easy to source

EBikes do not require having registration or the need for insurance; therefore, all you need to do to get yours is to pop into your local bicycle shop to purchase yours. You can also order them online to make things easier.

7. Different designs and uses

The electric bikes currently on the market have a very sleek design and look pretty much like a normal bicycle. As more eBike companies are produced, there are even more designs to choose from with various different uses for your particular needs and wants. There are different types for the riding that you desire. You may want one for commuting, pleasure or going up mountains, whatever it is there is an eBike for you.

8. Good to nature

As the ever-growing concern of global warming and climate change increases, people all over the world are becoming more environmentally friendly. We all want to do our part in protecting the planet, and an eBike will produce lower pollution than cars and motorbikes as they do not need to use petrol or diesel. Overall they can help contribute to improving air quality. In today’s climate, people are actively purchasing an eBike to replace their car.

9. Get out and ride a lot more

It has been suggested that riding an eBike will increase how often you ride, rather than going out for a bike ride weekly or monthly, people will often go out daily as a way of getting to their destinations. If you have been riding for a long time, cycling can get tiring, and it may feel like a chore trying to remount your bike. However, with these bikes, you can continue riding whilst giving your legs a break as not as much effort is having to be put in. Long trips out to the countryside become more attractive, as you can take the time to really enjoy the scenery and cover a lot of ground whilst not feeling like you are out of breath.

10. Commuting

Do you ever find yourself fighting for parking spaces at work? Then this no longer needs to be an issue if you swap the car for an eBike. You can chain it up where the bikes usually sit outside the office and walk straight in rather than circling the car park for space. Taking the strain and effort out of your bicycle journey is one of the main reasons why people opt for an electric bike. A definite bonus of the eBike is that you will be less sweaty on your commute so no need to worry about having to clean up or change clothes when you get to work. Maybe you take the bus to work normally? Well, you can forget about waiting around for the bus, and you can leave your house whenever you want.

There are many other reasons why someone may want an electric bike, such as avoiding parking and paying for tickets to park vehicles and avoiding any traffic on the roads. They may also want to be at more with nature and get fresh air rather than being stuck behind the wheel.

How does an E-bike work?

An electric bicycle, aka e-bike, contains an electrical drive system including a battery and motor. This is a way to integrate the hub motor’s power to the driver, and a way for the driver to control that power.

Basically, these bikes have a battery-powered pedal assistant, and some even have a throttle. This provides riders a boost to climb steep hills and journey tough terrain without feeling completely gassed.

Electric bikes ride fast thanks to the jolt of extra help, and just like on a regular bike, faster pedaling equals quicker speed. Also similar to a human-powered bicycle, many e-bikes include a power switch to adjust the boost magnitude. However, most do not top a speed of 20 to 28 miles per hour.

Best Features of an E-Bike

Some hardcore bike riders and exercise enthusiasts have criticized riding on e-bikes because they reduce the heart-pumping, beneficial effects of conventional bicycles. While this is true to some extent, biking of any form is better than using a transportation method that requires zero effort such as a car!

E-bikes can replace driving which can result in a more favorable environment due to reduced carbon emissions and potentially a reduction in obesity and associated comorbidities. By far, this is the best feature! Plus, the batteries continue to improve, providing room for them to become even more environmentally friendly.

How Is a Regular Bike Different?

Besides the electric drive system that boosts the power potential of the bike and a display screen, e-bikes are not very dissimilar to their counterpart. Both have the same style of wheels, handlebars, and frames, and the mechanical parts like the pedals and brakes function the same.

Regular or road bikes, however, will feel like they require slightly more effort to pedal. Without the electrically powered boost, human legs and glutes produce the power needed to propel a bike forward. Thus, standard bicycles will certainly benefit health goals much more than the electric version.

Here are some of the top ten benefits of regular cycling:

1. Improves mental well-being
2. Promotes weight loss
3. Helps build muscle
4. Improves respiratory function
5. Reduces the risk of some chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer
6. Helps prevent bone injuries because of its low impact
7. Promotes better sleep
8. Boosts brain power
9. Enhances handling and spacial awareness
10. Strengthens the immune system

Finally, many avid cyclists tout the comradery and ability to grow their social circle as the greatest benefit of all!


Finally, many avid cyclists tout the comradery and ability to grow their social circle as the greatest benefit of all!

Is One Better than the Other?

Whether an electric bike vs a regular bike is better really depends on someone's individual goals and priorities.

For example, an e-bike would be better for someone looking to purchase it for the purpose of commuting miles to work without sweating (as badly). A regular bike, however, might be best for one looking to stay physically fit via biking.

A few more examples include the following lists.

An electric bike is better for the person who:

• Wants an eco-friendly transport method
• Prefers leisure movement more than high intensity
• Needs a bike more sturdy than a regular one
• Desires to cycle faster (r/t the boost of help)

A regular bike is better for the person who:

• Wants the most eco-friendly transport method
• Prefers more strenuous exercise
• Needs a light apparatus that’s easily transportable
• Wants their own (muscular) power to produce force

Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes: The Conclusion

E-bikes and regular bikes are not really that different after all. Beyond the electric power boost on the e-bike, they look and perform nearly the same.

Between the two, the bike that will serve you best is dependent on your goals and intentions of use. Using the criteria above, choose the option most fitted to your style and cycle on!